Complete Cure of Palmar Psoriasis Case Study

A complete cure for psoriasis is a dream of every psoriatic patient. Though at present conventional medication can help only in managing the symptoms. The cure for psoriasis is not found yet due to the complexity of the disease and its triggers. Researches are ongoing to find a permanent cure for psoriasis. Here is a case study of a patient who has palmar psoriasis and got treated with ayurvedic medication and cleared his psoriasis. Even after four years of treatments, he is still having clear skin. You can watch the changes during the course of the treatments.

A patient aged about 62 years was suffering from palmar psoriasis/hand psoriasis for the last 5 years along with itching all over the body for the past 2o years. He was on and off with medications for palmar psoriasis and whenever he was using medication he used to feel better and whenever he stopped psoriasis used to increase. Gradually the symptoms started to increase even though the medications were used regularly. At this point, he was guided by some to try Ayurveda and visited us for his psoriasis treatment.

After analyzing his condition detoxification treatment was started first along with dietary changes and lifestyle modifications. Detoxification treatment helps to cleanse the body, clears the channels, and prepares the body for optimal absorption of medications. After the detoxification procedure correction of doshas is done with suitable medication and finally, treatments end with the preventive medication to prevent the reoccurrence of psoriasis.

1 st Visit

After 45 days of Treatments

After 90 days of Treatments

After 150 days of Treatments

After 4 years of Treatment Still Having Clear Palms

The treatments were stopped at around the 7th month and he was advised to follow healthy food habits and lifestyle. He was in touch with us for updating the status every now and then and was happy about the treatment results.

When he recently called we asked him to send his latest images of the hand and the following are the images taken after 4 years. His hands are normal and he is happy about this.

All these changes were possible with the consistent effort of the patient to follow the advice and make suitable changes when needed. This gives us a ray of hope in curing psoriasis permanently in our efforts to find a cure for psoriasis.

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