Plaque Psoriasis Case Study

A patient aged about 22 years was diagnosed with plaque psoriasis about a year ago. It began with a small patch in the left arm near the shoulder.

He was consulted by various dermatologists and taken treatment. During the course of treatment, he didnt not see any reduction in the patches rather it started to increase and spread to other parts of the body.

When he found that the medications were not working for him he looked for alternative treatments and came to know about Dr. Chaithanya KS. 

He made a visit to his clinic and started the ayurvedic treatment for his psoriasis. He has been given ayurvedic medications along with diet changes and lifestyle changes.

Here is the progress in his skin condition during the course of treatment.

1st Visit Images

Images after 30 days

Images after 90 days

Images after 5 months

images after 8 months

Ayurvedic Treatment for Psoriasis helps to treat psoriasis naturally by correcting the factors that are responsible for the initiation of psoriasis.

The treatment involves purification, dietary changes, and lifestyle modification that helps in faster healing.

Ayurvedic Treatments can help to clear psoriasis, prevents the further progression of psoriasis, and helps to avoid the complications like psoriatic arthritis and nail damages.

*Results vary from case to case.

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