Plaque Psoriasis Case Study

A boy aged about 9 years was diagnosed with psoriasis around two years back. Took various treatments and dint helped him much.

Gradually symptoms started to increase and consulted many doctors and no change was seen.

Then when searching on the web found about Dr. Chaithanya and visited for consultation.

After consultation medicines were given and advised to follow the diet and exercise.

You can see the changes in his skin during the course of the treatment and they are happy at the end of the treatment.

Psoriasis treatment started with detoxification along with specific diet plans and lifestyle changes.

The patient is advised to follow a healthy diet, lifestyle, and rejuvenative medications to prevent the reoccurrence.

1st Visit Images

2nd Visit Images

3rd Visit Images

Ayurvedic Treatments for psoriasis help naturally clear the skin through various ayurvedic medications, dietary changes, and lifestyle. Patients will become aware of their triggers and able to avoid them effectively. Learning and understanding psoriasis helps patients to recover faster without much dependency on medication. Practicing preventive measures helps to prevent the reoccurrence of psoriasis and gives long-lasting results.