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Scalp Psoriasis Case Study

Mr. Prasad (name changed) aged about 70 years visited me after finding my site on google. He was suffering from scalp psoriasis for more than 25 years. He was under treatment for scalp psoriasis from the beginning from the Skin specialist. The symptoms started aggravating of late. Then he was worried and started searching for the alternative way of psoriasis treatment. He found my site and visited for consultation.

During the consultation, I explained the treatment protocols involved and diet and lifestyle changes required during the treatment period. He agreed to follow all the rules and regulations set to overcome psoriasis in the shorter period. I was little concern about the faster results because of his age factor.

As he said, he followed exact protocol set and in 90 days he got his results as he was expecting.

Images of the 1st Visit

Images of 2nd Visit after 15 Days

Images of 5th Visit after 70 days

Images of 6th Visit after 90 days

Watch what he says after treatment 

Mr Prasad was treated my Ayurveda approach by the following steps:

1st Step:

  • Understanding the root cause of the problem rather than understanding symptomatically.

Every disease which is gets manifested in the body has the definite reasons to get expresses. In ayurveda the disease gets manifested through change in the quantity of the doshas. The doshas gets either aggravated or decreased due to various reasons like food, climate, lifestyle, mental status etc…The impairment in these doshas leads to the initiation of the diseases. This do not happen suddenly but takes long time as doshas has to get accumulated and produce the disease. The first step of the treatment always will be the identifying the factors which are responsible for the initiation of the disease and correcting them.

2nd protocol:

  • Correcting food habits and lifestyle.

Food and lifestyle are the major factors which are responsible for the maintenance of the health  of a person. Indulging in wrong food habits, untimely food, eating junk, consuming food with out considering the appetite etc… will lead to accumulation of doshas in the body. If a person continues these habits for long time they will gradually vitiate or derange the doshas and produce the disease. The correction of the food habits and lifestyle are most important step in treatment especially in psoriasis. Right diet and lifestyle contributes 80% of the treatment. 

3rd protocol:

  • Eliminating the toxins accumulated in the body.

By not following the dietary rules the doshas get aggravates in the body along with seasonal changes and lifestyle leading to the diseases. The aggravated doshas which has to be removed to bring the balance in doshas. The expulsion of doshas can be done through purificatory procedures will help medicines to act efficiently. 

4th Step:

  • Correcting the imbalances through medication.

Internal and external medications will help to normalize the doshas so that the disease can get subsided. The Ayurvedic medications includes various decoctional preparation, tablets, herbal jams (lehyams), medicated oils, medicated ghee’s, herbal powders etc…The medications will change according to state and stage of the disease and patient. Medications helps stop the pathogenesis and helps to cure the disease.

5th Step:

  • Preventive medications to prevent the reoccurrence.

Psoriasis is notorious for its reoccurrence. Many psoriatic patients experience the relapse of psoriasis when ever they come in contact with triggers. The preventive medications which strengthens the body tissues and immune system to prevent the reoccurrence. Prevention of psoriasis is not only through medications it also involves the  right diet and lifestyle to avoid triggers.

You too can change yourself if you are willing to undergo the transformation.

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*  “Results may vary from person to person.

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