Psoriasis Case Study – 3

A female aged about 23 years was having psoriasis for the past 10 years. The symptoms were started initially on the scalp and she thought it was dandruff and ignored it. Later when the severity increased consulted a skin doctor after a year and got diagnosed with scalp psoriasis.

She was taking medications and whenever she stopped medication it used to reoccur again. Gradually it started spreading on the other parts of the body and both fingers and toenails got damaged.

She tried various other medications before visiting us.

She had been examined and the ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis was started. She had been advised to follow a specific diet and lifestyle for quicker results. The treatment started with detoxification, then the restoration and preventive medications are advised.

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The skin changes are gradual and steadier. Usually, nail changes take a long time. One must observe the triggering factors during the treatment period and need to follow the diet and lifestyle modification as advised. The medications will be gradually tapered and stopped once the symptoms are cleared. 

*Results vary from case to case.

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