How to Prevent Psoriasis Scar Marks?

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Psoriasis is an immune-mediated inflammatory disease of the skin with raised skin patches with scaly silver plaques on different skin areas. In general, psoriasis does not produce scars, but when a person scratches the patches due to severe itching, then the scarring can occur.

psoriasis scar
Itching is one of the complications of psoriasis, and many people experience severe itching. Few psoriatic patients may not experience any itching. Psoriasis does not cause scars directly, but when the psoriatic lesions become itchy, one may start scratching. The scratching causes breaking of the skin and leads to scar formation. Once the scarring occurs, they are permanent.
Psoriasis is known for its relapse and remission. The different varieties of psoriasis pass through the wax and wane throughout their course. One can observe changes in skin colour after a relapse. These discolorations are not scar. They are known as post-inflammatory pigmentation changes.
When a person takes suitable treatments, the chances of getting a scar is significantly less.
Scarring usually occurs when a person injures skin by scratching it. Itching is the most common reason why psoriasis patients end up having scar marks. When the right treatment and care are given, itching reduces significantly and prevents scar formation.
As scars are permanent, they can lower a person’s self-confidence and usually do not produce any complications.
Scarring Alopecia is one of the common problems with people suffering from scalp psoriasis, where a person loses hair due to scarring.

Treatments for Psoriasis Scars

As it said, prevention is better than cure. Treating psoriasis during a flare helps in reducing the risk of scarring. If scarring does occur, suitable treatments can help in reducing them. Below are a few options that can help either preventing or minimize the appearance of the scars.

  • Topical Creams
  • Surgery
  • Laser Therapy

The doctor decides the treatments depending on why the scars are developed and the scarring nature.

How to prevent Scarring in Psoriasis?

Scarring occurs when skin gets damaged by scarring. The best way is to manage severe itching through proper care.

  • Managing psoriasis symptoms during a flare helps in preventing the formation of scars.
  • One must be aware of the triggers that flare psoriasis. Avoiding the triggers helps in the formation of scars.
  • The right psoriasis treatment effectively helps to reduce the symptoms of psoriasis, thus by helps in preventing scar formation.
  • Avoiding scratching also helps in preventing scar formation.
  • Short exposure to sunlight is found beneficial in psoriasis patients, which helps in reducing the symptoms.
  • The application of moisturizers such as natural oils helps keep the skin smooth and prevents itching.

Psoriasis scar marks are one of the common problems experienced by psoriatic patients, which remain a permanent mark. It is always better to take suitable treatments for psoriasis so that it can prevent the occurrence of psoriasis.

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