Complete cure of Palmoplantar Psoriasis by Ayurvedic Treatment – A case Study

A patient aged about 45 years was suffering from plantar psoriasis/psoriasis on feet for the past one and a half years. She was on allopathic medication for the same.

Gradually the cracks started appearing on the foot which made her to finding difficulty in walking. She started feeling stiffness and pain in her feet during the morning and the symptoms started to increase gradually even though the medications were used regularly.

After one year of regular treatment, she started to notice mild discoloration in her plans, and when she showed it to a dermatologist he said that it’s palmar psoriasis/psoriasis in hand, and the doctor said that it can only be manageable and can not be completely cured. At this time she started looking for some alternative solution. When she started reading more about psoriasis she got scared about its spread and found us through our website.

She visited us and the treatment procedures along with dietary changes and lifestyle modifications were advised. She followed ayurvedic medication for psoriasis for about 7 months and stopped after psoriasis symptoms were cleared. She was advised to stay away from triggers and follow the right food habits and lifestyle.

1st Visit – Before starting Ayurvedic Treatment for Palmar and Plantar Psoriasis

5 months later Stopping Treatments – Latest images taken during recent followup

This assures us that ayurvedic treatment for palmar and plantar psoriasis gives excellent results and prevents the reoccurrence if one avoids the triggers.

Medications are necessary to correct the doshas in the body. Detoxification helps to remove accumulated toxins, and the right food habits prevent the accumulation of toxins. Rejuvenative medications will help to nourish the tissues and boosts immunity to prevent the reoccurrence of psoriasis.