Do you know what Triggers Psoriasis?

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Psoriasis triggers

Though the reason for psoriasis is the malfunction of immune system of your body certain triggers can make symptoms worse or can cause flareups.

Psoriasis is categorized as an autoimmune disease most commonly, yet the actual reason is not proven so far. But the studies carried on this condition have proven that the T cells unusual immune responses without any foreign body attack have to lead to this excessive production of skin cells. The cells pile up and become thickened layers, scales, pustules and lesions. Silvery patches, irritation, redness, inflammation develops around the patches of psoriasis making it dreadful to sustains.

Psoriasis affects various parts of the body from the scalp to the tiny toe, foldings of the skin to the folds in the groin. No area is unleft by its miserable sores and irritation. It can be confined to smaller patches at specific areas or can spread like a red patch all over the body.

Depending on the type of psoriasis attacked, the regions and the impacts changes. Whatever may be the type of psoriasis, it is chronic and cannot be cured. Therefore all the efforts and treatment plans are designed to lessen the severity of the disease by reducing its symptoms.

The cause behind the psoriasis is the problem of the T cells and neutrophils. T cells work to protect the body from the invasion of foreign bodies if any. But the immune system sends down unusual immune responses. By which the T cells get overactive and divides into more T cells and produces more white blood cells called neutrophils. These cells surface on to the skin, as it is the first line of defence for the body. They form pus, inflammation, excessive cell production, redness and eventually into pustules and lesions. The blood vessels that are circulating through this area becomes warm and show up redness. This, psoriasis begins in the immune system of the body. All this takes place, by the mistake of the immune system. So it is considered to be an autoimmune disease. This process continuous forever like a cycle and does not stop. Hence the skin cells pile up forming pustules, itching and irritation. It may be suppressed for a while but it flares up within no time. Most of the studies on this consider genetic and environmental factors have a role in the cause for this autoimmune attacks.

Psoriasis Triggers

Laying aside the causes, there are certain factors that can trigger the flare-ups. Some of them can be as infections in the body.

  • Any infection in the skin, cuts, wounds, irritation causing infections or diseases, infection in the throat or respiratory infections, strep throat can trigger the psoriasis outbreaks.
  • Being depressed or taking the stress of any situation can make an individual more vulnerable to any disease, mostly psoriasis.
  • The stake of bad habits will always end up with a great repay. Diabetes, pulmonary diseases, respiratory problems, renal and liver issues worsen with smoking and drinking.
  • Even psoriasis flare-ups have been recorded with a history of heavy drinking habits and chronic smoking.
  • To lead successful management of psoriasis they should be completely left behind. Vitamin D has a vital role in reducing the inflammation and removing the scales from the skin. analogues D analogues like calcitriol and calcipotriene are used as medications in the form of creams and solutions for psoriasis topical medications. This shows the importance of vitamin D. So, vitamin deficiency can trigger psoriasis outbreaks in patients already living with psoriasis. To continue this, as we know, sunlight provides the vitamin D requirements of the body. When our body is exposed to an adequate amount of sunlight on a regular routine, vitamin D gets absorbed.  This as said above reduces the inflammation and also the scales, irritation and redness making the skin clear. But this if continued beyond limit or saturation, the skin develops more redness and rashes, this is called sunburn. Severe sunburn is also a trigger for psoriasis outbreaks.
  • Scientists have identified genes that trigger psoriasis. After extensive work on the DNA samples from the families with psoriasis, they found a gene mutation that is responsible for psoriasis. CARD4 is the gene mutation that mutates the genes to develop psoriasis in the body.
  • Koebner phenomenon is another add on to cause the psoriasis flare-ups. When a deep injury, cut or wound happens in the skin, psoriasis starts this is defined as the Koebner’s phenomenon. Sunburn, injections, itchy scratches rashes are so responsible for Koebner’s phenomenon.
  • Apart from these certain medications, we take for various ailments in the body can be a cause for psoriasis aggressiveness. Metals like Li dosages trigger outbreaks in people with psoriasis. They are prescribed to treat psoriatic problems.
  • Cardiovascular medications containing the quinidines worsen psoriasis.
  • Drugs against malaria I.e, antimalarial drugs like hydro chloroquine, Plaquenil, chloroquine etc.can start psoriasis all over again.
  • Daily dosages for treating blood pressures that use beta-blockers like Inderal are responsible for psoriasis come back. Almost 35 per cent of patients have experienced this condition.
  • People with psoriasis who takes the indomethacin as a treatment for arthritis are prone to the attack of psoriasis flare-ups again. A careful dosage can keep psoriasis in the limit.
  • Cold weathers and winters bring in many skin diseases. The skin becomes dried up and loses its moisture. Room heaters make the body even drier using the humidifier and moistening the body daily can solve the situation. Diet has a meaningful role in psoriasis.
  • Overweight and obesity add the risks of more psoriasis outbreaks. Low-calorie food and maintaining optimum weight ensures good results.
  • Apart from these, having tattoos and piercings in the body, being inked can bring upon the severity of psoriasis. Avoiding all of these can be the best option while suffering from psoriasis.

Preventive steps for psoriasis flareups

Preventive steps for psoriasis flareups

Prevent being injured, falls, cuts, and scratches, shaving may cause cuts. These cuts develop psoriasis into no time. Apply moisturizers while begin to shave. If any medication has brought up a psoriasis flare, stop using it.

The kids are more vulnerable to respiratory infections and throat infections. Treating those infections can clear psoriasis too.

If life-threatening infections like HIV is present in an individual, the treatments for psoriasis becomes hard.

Use sun protection moisturizers or sunscreen lotions. Applying an SPF cream or one with broad-spectrum protection and moisture resistant can possibly keep psoriasis under control.

Do not use hot water for bath or shower. Bath with lukewarm or warm water. Hot water worsens the psoriasis symptoms. Prefer fragrance less and light oil-free moisturizers after a bath. They get easily absorbed and decreases the dryness keeping the moisturiser intact.

Whenever the skin dries up, apply the cream with petroleum jelly.

Keep the body warm in winters from rip to the toe. Use hats, socks, gloves, boots and sweaters.

Do not sit near a fireplace, a room heater, or a bonfire.

Do not soak yourself in rain or in wet clothes. Keep the body always away from wet and damp. 

Stay away from tobacco using a nicotine patch can cause a flare.

Ask your doctor before taking one methotrexate, that is used in treating psoriasis. It can become fatal if alcohol consumption persists.

Quitting drinking can ease the way for treatment.

Start yoga, exercise, dance, walk or medication to make your body feel good.

Give your body a self-care or pamper with goodies. Make a habit of reading books of your choice, write down a personal diary to ease your heart and relieve stress, do not scratch when itching happens.

Heal your wounds quickly by dressings and taking proper care of them.

Prevent the bed bugs mites and mosquitoes.

Tracking any foods and habits that are triggering your psoriasis and avoiding them will be useful. Some of the foods have proven as an enemy to the people with psoriasis and has worsened the situation. They are enlisted after a period of study, spices that are used in any delicious food like cinnamon, paprika, sauces like tomato sauce, Tabasco sauce, mayonnaise, vinegar etc. Proved themselves in increasing the inflammation.

Gluten-free is not easy to follow, but gluten sensitivity has been observed in people with psoriasis.

Allergic reactions to citrus fruits are noticed in psoriasis. Eg: lemonades, oranges, grapefruits etc.

Eating dairy products and drinking milk is linked to inflammation. Arachidonic acid present in red meat causes inflammation.

These are the few tips that will help you to prevent further flareup of psoriasis. We also look for your suggestions and experiences that can help the readers. Please do share your experiences here.


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