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Why do we Fail in Psoriasis Treatment?

Why do we Fail in Psoriasis Treatment?

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One of the most common questions asked in our psoriasis treatment clinic is “Why my psoriasis is not getting cured now when it had cured initially?“. When we ask them how much they know about psoriasis only a handful of people know about it and others do not have any knowledge about the disease. Lack of knowledge about psoriasis makes patients suffer longer along with its complications.

The following are the few points to be considered by psoriasis patients to get faster results in psoriasis treatment.

1. Ignorance

Knowing about the disease is an important factor in psoriasis treatment. By knowing the mechanism of disease one will understand how the disease starts, what are the reasons for the disease, what makes the disease to grow, what cures the disease, its signs, and symptoms, treatment options, adverse effects of medications, the impact of the disease on life etc….

Once the disease is understood thoroughly one can plan how to overcome it. Psoriasis is believed to be an immune-modulated diseases having the influence of other factors like climate, food, drinks, stress etc.. is very complex in nature.

The limitation of medication and sudden flare-ups of psoriasis impacts psychologically. Most of the Psoriatic patients feel themselves as isolated, depressed with low self-confidence.

Overcoming from the Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis are the biggest challenge faced by the patients. One can plan the path to get progress gradually without losing the patience and putting efforts persistently to climb the steps of health.

2. Long-Term Plan

After knowing about the disease, treatment, results one should choose the right path that suits him/her.

A long-term plan is required to get the maximum benefits from your efforts to health psoriasis. Many patients will grow impatient and fed up trying to find the way to love their psoriasis.

Psoriasis may get triggered by various factors which are common for many and individualized triggering factors are to be identified and should avoid it to prevent psoriasis flare-ups.

Choosing the right medication and treatment that improves the psoriasis condition without causing the adverse effects on the body

Observing your own eating habits lifestyle and actions of the medication will help you to improve your condition for the optimal level.

3. Failing to follow the Advise

When you consult a physician depending on the condition he will advise you what can be done. Psoriasis is a condition where it requires dedication to follow the advice for a long-term to see the benefits. One has to be patient and persistent in following the advice. There are various factors which influence the disease like climate, stress, food habits etc… so the professional advises will help in the faster recovery of the disease along with preventing further progression of the disease.

4. Over Dependency on Medications

There are many people who just continue consuming the same medications for a very long time or more than the prescribed time.

Each medication will have their own advantages and side effects on the body. In psoriasis, though many medications are used to treat use both internal and external medication. All the medications are strictly used under medical supervision. and are not advised to continue long-term unless the physician advises. There is the number of adverse effects and one can gain resistance to the medications.

5. Failing to Identify the Triggers

Most of the psoriasis patients might have experienced a sudden worsening of their condition. It may be from their food, mental conditions or seasonal changes etc… These are known as triggering factors. The triggering factors influence the diseases to get aggravated suddenly. Some triggering factors can be avoided and some cannot be.

All the psoriasis patients should identify their triggering factors and have to avoid them completely. Here Are a few know triggering factors – Alcohol, Smoking….

6. Lack of discipline in daily life

Erratic eating habits and lifestyle can worsen the condition in psoriatic patients. Consumption of food and drinks without considering time, hunger, season, combinations etc.. will lead to aggravation of psoriasis. Following healthy food habits and lifestyle can help you in healing psoriasis. Ayurveda has detailedly described those topics in the chapters of Daily regimen, Seasonal regimen.

7. Negative Mindset

Along with the medication and other changes one should always think positively rather negatively. Being optimistic can have a big impact on healing your psoriasis and mental condition. There are many studies which suggest that being positive will help in the healing process. In psoriasis, stress is one of the triggering factors and if you are a pessimist then it can worsen the condition. All the negative emotions can trigger psoriasis.

8. Expecting Magical Results

Many psoriasis patients in the early stages of the disease experience quicker results through medications. As the disease becomes chronic, it does not respond quickly to any medications. During this period patients get frustrated and psychologically get disturbed. This may tend to increase stress levels, anxiety or depression leading again increase in the symptoms.

There is no any magical remedy to clear psoriasis once for all. All it needs is a long-term plan of action. Regular medical checkups and monitoring the progress will help you to overcome psoriasis and its complications.

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