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Winter Care for Psoriasis

Winter Care for Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a found to be a long-lasting skin condition that leads to skin dryness and inflammation during winters. The person who suffers from psoriasis will have thick psoriasis scales over different parts of the body even on the scalp. Psoriasis usually gets aggravated during winter or cold season. Here are few tips you can use as Winter Care for Psoriasis.

This type of skin ailment is considered as an autoimmune disorder. While the faulty immune system makes the skin cells to develop at an abnormally high rate of about 9 to 10 times faster than the usual circumstances. It results in the form of psoriasis patches all over the body.

Here is few Winter Care for Psoriasis which can help you to control your psoriasis flare-ups in winter.

Moisten the Skin

skin moisturizer

The basic rule of taking care of the skin during winter is to moisten it properly. It is recommended to use a moisturizing soap and shampoo while bathing. As soon as you take bath, always use the best body lotion so that, your body does not lose the moisture and water get locked in the skin. Use the herbal or natural skin products on the steroids based pharma products. These products with Steroids usually work in a harsh manner to destroy the psoriasis scales from your body without caring for the skin. While you can also try the natural products such as aloe vera, coconut and tea tree oil, including neem oil, glycerine, and honey which would work great on the psoriasis scales and keeps the moisture of your skin.

Drink Hot Water

drinking water

Drink hot and appropriate quantity of water depending on your thirst, approximately 2 to 3 liters per day in tropical places to keep your body moisten. Always check that the cold weather must not take away the moisture from your skin. In order to keep the moisture in your skin, drinking more water becomes essential. Drinking hot water, not just moistures the skin, but also keeps the entire body cool and there will be no space for the stress. Hot water consumption also improves the digestion and reduces the chances of accumulation of undigested food in the stomach.

Take Warm Water Bath


Take warm water bath instead of cold or hot water. Many people take a steamy hot bath during the winter. But instead of moistening the skin, hot water creates more skin dryness, which must be avoided. Just use warm water for bathing which gives you more comfort and moistens the skin. However, apply the moisturizing body lotion as soon as you take warm water bath.

Also, avoid hot water bath for a longer period, as it takes off the moisture from your skin. Just use shower of warm water and you can relax in the tub instead. Also, you can even sprinkle oil, and salts in the warm water bath, soak for 10 minutes and take a bath. You can apply the moisturizer later.

Have a Bath Ritual


You can also safeguard the skin during the winter, as it would seal the skin. You can avoid any hot water shower that dries the skin. Instead, make it a ritual to scrub or peel off dead and dry skin flakes that get accumulated over the top layer of the skin. Ensure you scrub softly else psoriasis affected areas will cause irritations.

Use a Humidifier


You must always wake up with smooth skin if you wish you can simply use a device to keep the indoor air moist. You need to run it inside your bedroom during the nighttime in order to remove the dryness effects of the indoor heating. Ensure to follow the cleaning directions of a humidifier to prevent any bacteria formation.

Regular Exercise Important

exercise and psoriasis

Exercising regularly becomes important, as it keeps the body warm in winter, and improves the body metabolism. By doing the physical workout, you will be able to control the stress. There is absolutely no need to lift the heavy weights, just running or jogging, or a bicycling will help. Even you can involve in dancing, yoga or meditation, etc. However, do not overdo any of these.

Stay away from Cold and Flu

Cold and cough

It seems that immune system gets hyperactive to fight against the cold and flu that causes viruses in winter. This leads to piling up the thickness of psoriasis scales and thereby makes the condition worse. Therefore, it is better to stay away from cold and flu. Be careful while exposing your body to cold winds, cover your body and stay warm. Take all the essential steps to ensure that your health condition does not worsen. If you’re attacked by flu, consult the doctor; take necessary medicines to aggravate the psoriasis condition.

Wear Warm Clothes

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Though moistening the skin is okay, it is not enough. It becomes essential to wear the warm clothes and ensure skin is not exposed to the harsh winter winds which dry up your skin and aggravates your skin condition. Thus, wear warm clothes, but avoid wearing any coarse clothes that irritate the top layer of the skin due to rubbing; the condition gets worse. You need to opt for the soft cotton clothes and choose the layers of thin clothes to protect your body and skin. Avoid wearing heavy clothes that make your body sweat sometimes. Since there is no way to evaporate, this locked in sweat can simply make you rub your skin harshly and creates unnecessary troubles.

Continue your Treatment

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Continue your treatment and be aware of the harmful effects of the winter in order to stay safe from psoriasis in winter. Just approach your doctor and cooperate in your diagnosis in order to prevent psoriasis flare-up. Due to lack of UV rays of sunlight, large numbers of dermatologists suggest light therapy so that your skin gets enough UV rays. However, UV rays have certain side effects as well. You need to make sure that, you consult the expert doctor.

Stress Relief

Yoga for Psoriasis

Though the winter holidays are so cheerful, it might bring more stress, and the condition of psoriasis go worse. Hence you need to reduce stress by undergoing various therapies. It can be medication or meditation, watching movies or listening music, doing exercise or performing yoga, undergoing spa or massage treatment, etc. to reduce winter flare-ups. Psoriasis can put you to the state of depression which worsens especially during winter. Keep yourself engaged in different tasks to reduce the depression.

Hope Winter Care for Psoriasis tips will help you to overcome your psoriasis problem naturally. If you have found any other tips that might be helped you can write in the comment box so that it will be helpful for many.

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