March 2016 - Psoriasis Treatment Bangalore
Ayurvedic view on Psoriasis, Genetics, Conception, Pregnancy and Treatments

Ayurvedic view on Psoriasis, Genetics, Conception, Pregnancy and Treatments

Psoriasis and Genetics

Researchers are coming up with more evidence to prove that psoriasis is a hereditary disease. Recent studies say that with a family history of psoriasis can increase about 10 percent chances of developing psoriasis in a child. We all carry hereditary factors from our parents and ancestors like colour, hair, skin type etc…

If parents are suffering from psoriasis, during conception genes are passed and inherited by the child. But all children may not have psoriasis but may be activated by triggering factors in the later stage.

What does Ayurveda say about hereditary factor in skin disease?

While classifying diseases Acharya Sushruta mentions about Adibala pravrutta diseases. Adibala pravrutta diseases are those which attributed to the defects of sperm or ovum. Which is again classified into two

  1. Pitruja (inherited qualities from male)
  2. Matruja (inherited qualities from female)

This clearly indicates that the male or female suffering from any disease(imbalance in data, Pitta and kappa) the sperm (shukra) and egg (shonita) are also gets contaminated. When someone conceives during the contaminated state of sperm and ovum the born child also gets affected by the similar disease.

Sushruta has mentioned few diseases like Kushta (Skin diseases), Arshas, (haemorrhoids), Meha (diabetes) etc….

Acharya Charaka also mentions about the inherited diseases through the impairment in shukra and shonita during conception itself.

Are you planning to conceive when you have psoriasis?

Psoriasis does not affect your chances of getting conceived. You can make the choice discussing with your partner to get conceive during psoriasis or not. If you are under treatment for psoriasis and planning to conceive then you must discuss your medication with the doctor. Certain medications have an impact on your fertility, sperm, ovum or growing embryo. So it’s always best to talk to your doctor so that your medications are affected in any way on the health of your child.

Important factors responsible for child’s health

To have a healthy child is the dream of every parent. When parents are suffering from the disease like psoriasis it creates a state of confusion in the mind of parents. As there are studies show that high incidences of children prone to suffer from psoriasis. Advancement in genetics shows the evidence for genetical inheritance of psoriasis, it’s difficult to predict whether the child can be free from psoriasis.

Ayurveda also mentions that diseases like skin problems, diabetes, hemorrhoids etc.. can be hereditary. As it said the health of sperm and ovum are the basic needs to have a healthy child. Ayurveda mentioned the following factors which decide the health of a child.

  • Shukra Sampath (healthy spermatozoa)

Healthy Sperm

The spermatozoa which are responsible for carrying the pitruja (masculine structures ) elements to the newborn. The health of a kid depends upon the quality and quantity of the spermatozoa. The person who is suffering from ill health or the body containing the toxins will definitely impair the health of a newborn.So it is essential to have healthy spermatozoa for attaining a healthy kid.

  • Arthava Sampath (healthy ovum)

Healthy Ovum


In the same manner, a newborn attains its matruja (feminine structures) elements from a healthy ovum. Consumption of toxic substances, indulging wrong lifestyle and food habits which are key factors responsible for the formation of a healthy ovum. The healthy ovum can only able to produce a healthy newborn baby.

  • Atma Sampath (good deeds of soul)

good deeds of soul

 Though the healthy spermatozoa and ovum are the basic need in deciding a health of the newborn still certain unexplainable changes happen due to the quality Atma (soul). The Atma which is responsible for the life will also carry its own qualities, which can be observed only after birth. Every living being on earth carries Atma which is responsible for the life. All the activities of a living being result in either good or bad thing, where the good or bad things will be carried by Atma when death occurs. The Atma which enters the garbha (womb) will also responsible for the newborn’s health.

  • Ashaya Sampath (healthy uterus)

healthy uterus

A healthy uterus is a place where the growth of a foetus occurs in a specific manner till birth. A mother who is wishing to have a healthy kid should also have a healthy place for the foetus from the time of the conception till the delivery. An unhealthy uterus may cause many problems during the pregnancy like repeated abortion, not able to conceive etc…So a healthy uterus also plays a vital role in deciding a health of the newborn.

  • Kala Sampath (proper time)

Proper time

Seasons or the time which is also influenced by the predominance of the dosha’s and only during the ovulation period the conception takes place. So it’s essential to know the time to conceive.

All these factors are responsible for getting a healthy child along with proper ahara (food) and Vihara (lifestyle) of gharbhini (pregnant), will lead to  birth of healthy baby at right time, with sarva bhava (all qualities), pushti (nourishment), paripoornayukta deha (completely formed body), sukhi (happy) and klesha rahita (without worries).

How can Ayurveda help in psoriasis parents?

  • Ayurvedic treatments help’s in correcting the imbalances and normalising the impaired dosha’s using natural herbal resources.
  • Ayurveda treatments are aimed to cleanse the body so that toxins accumulated through food, medications, lifestyle etc… can be eliminated.
  • Rejuvenation therapies further strengthen body tissues to have optimum qualities especially healthy sperm and ovum.
  • Helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle by implementing daily regimen into practice.
  • In Ayurveda, skin diseases are also said to be caused from past deeds. As atma Sampath is also an important factor in deciding health of the child is advised spiritual remedial measures in addition to medicine.
  • Ayurveda can help you to have healthy food habits can prevent the toxins formed by an incompatibility of the food.
  • Panchakarma treatments help in detoxification.
  • Ayurveda treatments in psoriasis parents can help in reducing the impact of genetic transmission of the disease to the child.
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