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What You Need to Know About when to take food and Why?

What You Need to Know About when to take food and Why?

Everyone knows the importance of food in the maintenance of health. What we forgot is when to eat? Knowing when? What? How much to eat are the key factors responsible for keeping our health at its best. Food is responsible for all the activities of the body like strength, complexion, immunity, repairing damages, growth etc….The following are some of the most salient points which can be immediately put into practice so that one can make a beginning.

Viridhha Ahara is considered as one of the main reason in ayurveda for initiation of skin diseases like psoriasis.

  • Have warm food

Food tastes best in the warm condition, improves the digestive fire to digest the food, Warm food gets digested early, helps in Vatanulomana (the normal activity of vata) and dries up kapha. so one has to eat warm food.

  • Food has to be Snigdha 

Having Snigdha food(unctuous materials like ghee, oil etc…) enhances the taste, increases digestive fire, gets digested easily, helps in vatanulomana (the normal activity of vata) and makes it strong, helps in assimilation, thus increases the strength and provides complexion.

  • Eat right quantity

One should eat judiciously considering his need. The right quantity food will not disturb the harmony of tridoshas(Vata, Pitta, Kapha), helps in increasing Ayu (lifespan) and gives happiness. The food got digested properly helps the waste to move forward and expelling out. Having right quantity will not impair digestive fire and helps in transforming food into nutrients(Sarabhaga) and separates waste(Kittabhaga).

  • Eat only after feeling hungry

One should eat only after the previous food is digested completely because all the three humor (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) will get aggravated when the new food gets mixed with the undigested food. When the food is digested properly the doshas will be at their normal places, one will have good digestive fire which creates proper appetite, all the channels will be clear, one will get pure belching, clear heart, Vatanulomana(normal activity of vata), proper expulsion of vata(flatus), urine and stools. When the consumed food is digested completely it will not cause any disturbance to dhatus(bodily elements) and will only enhance Ayu(lifespan).

  • Food intake in day and night

After having food once in the daytime, one should not take food again if the digestive fire is low. One can have food at night even though the food taken in the daytime is not digested and it will not cause any problem. If one takes food before the digestion of previous food will destroy the digestive fire itself. Food consumed in the morning before the night’s food is digested completely will be equal to poison.

  • Avoid Virya viruddha Ahara

Food combination should not be virya virudha(opposite potencies) because it will prevent the person getting into the diseases produced by consuming opposite potencies food.

  • Eat in Pleasant Place

One should consider eating in pleasant place because eating in unpleasant place will cause unwanted thoughts which may disturb the mind. The additives used along the main food also should be as the desired one or it should be according to persons like. So one should eat at a pleasant place with proper additives.

  • Do not Eat in Hurry

Eating in a hurried manner creates tiredness and increases the time for snigdhata(unctuous or to mix with digestive enzymes). Eating in a hurried manner will not get processed properly and nutrients will not reach its desired destination. by this there is no guarantee that the food will attain the qualities of doshas(body humor) for nourishing, so one should not have food in a hurried manner.

  • Do not Eat Very slow

The person who consumes food in a very slow manner will not get satisfied, thus ending in having more in quantity. The ingested food becomes cold and impairs the digestion process. So one should not consume food very slow.

  • Avoid talking, laughing while having food

One should have food with the presence of mind by not talking or laughing. The similar problems of eating in a hurried manner are also seen when one takes food with chit-chat, laughing and eating without the presence of mind.

  • Eat the food which is Satmya (suitable for body)

One should consider his prakruti(body nature) before eating food. Foods must be chosen by understanding which are suitable to the body and which are not suitable. One should consume food which is suitable for the body. One will be knowing which food suits him or good for him. So by considering prakruti one should choose good food to eat.

These are the few basic consideration one should pay attention while having food.

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Why psoriasis gets aggravated in winter?

Why psoriasis gets aggravated in winter?

Many of you who are suffering from Psoriasis might have observed that during winter the Psoriasis symptoms start appearing (especially new onset) and during the summer it subsides naturally.

Though the initial appearance and disappearance are only a pre-warning symptoms which suggest that one should take appropriate measures to correct oneself. But many will ignore this condition thinking that it’s just a skin condition or else some consult doctors and take medication so that symptoms will disappear. The real reason for this is fascinating to know.

As these changes occur according to the season we should analyze the effect of this on the body. Harmonious Tridoshas in the body is the key factor to being healthy. These doshas will get impaired for many reasons like food, lifestyle etc…. In the same way, external environment also plays a very vital role in changing the doshas in the body. In Ayurveda, the relation between doshas and the seasonal changes are elaborately explained in the daily regimen (Dinacharya)  and seasonal regimen (Rutucharya).

As it’s mentioned during the cold season, there will be a predominance of Sheeta (coldness) and Rookshata (dryness) by nature. So these qualities of the season will increase the similar qualities in the body also gets increases spontaneously. Everyone can notice this by simple observation at their own skin itself. Ayurveda says that similar things will increase similar things. So changes in nature will definitely aggravate the doshas which have these qualities.

Now let us have a look which doshas have the qualities of Dryness and Cold.

The qualities of Vata are:

tatra rūkṣo laghu: śīta: khara: sūkṣmaścalo’nila: ||   -AHS

  • Rooksha – Dryness
  • Laghu – Lightness
  • Sheeta – Coldness
  • Khara – Roughness
  • Sookshma – Minuteness
  • Chala – Movement

These are the qualities of Vata.

Why psoriasis gets aggravated in winter?

The Vata dosha has these properties and during the cold season, Vata gets increases.

Now let us see the symptoms of Psoriasis:

Psoriasis signs and symptoms can vary from, person, to person, but mostly one or few symptoms mentioned below are seen.

  • Red patches of skin covered with silvery scales.
  • Itching, burning or soreness.
  • Small scaling spots.
  • Dry cracked skin that may bleed.
  • Thickened, pitted or ridged nails.
  • Swollen and stiff joints.

Though in Psoriasis there is involvement of all the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) predominantly, one can observe the certain symptoms related to Vata dosha like dryness, roughness, cracks, scaling etc.

How to prevent the aggravation of Psoriasis in winter?

This can be achieved by following the seasonal regimen and daily regimen.

Winter Care for Psoriasis:

  • Application of Medicated Oils and Ghee (Clarified butter) will help in keeping your skin moist can help reduce redness and itching.
  • Avoid taking a very hot shower for a very long time in winter. This will remove the moisture from the skin and increases the dryness in the skin.
  • Destressing Yoga or meditation will help to reduce the stress level, where stress can worsen Psoriasis.
  • Stay fit, keep yourself healthy, because certain medication may flare up Psoriasis.
  • Drinking hot water will help to keep skin moisturized.
  • Stay in warm place, choose your clothes to keep you warm.

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